July 2020
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Organization and job description
The Bureau’s offices are located in both Yonghua and Minjhih Civic Centers. There are 7 sections: Planning Reviewing Section, Urban Planning Management Section, Urban Renewal Section, Urban Design Section, Regional Section, Urban Planning Section, and Landscape Section. The job description of each section is as follows.

◎ Yonghua Civic Center

  1. Planning Section: Plan and examine urban development plans; recrea te community space, and process urban landscape recreation projects.
  2. Urban Planning Management Section: Make policies for urban development and relative constructions; communicate with foreign cities; develop urban plans, and organize urban development committees.
  3. Urban Design Section: Establish urban planning Information and maintain piling setting in urban planning regions; indicate building line; issue certificates to testify whether the project violates urban development plans; issue certificates to waste not required road; issue certificates for landuse and zoning, and Urban Building Capacity Transfer.
  4. Urban Renewal Section: Establish and make plans for housing policy; process housing allowance; manage social housing affairs; make plans for construction work and urban projects; conduct examination, managementand construction process.

◎ Mingzhi Civic Center

  1. Regional Division: Refer to the national land planning constructures to make and examineregional plans and non-urban area development plans, and process social housing applications and house allowance...etc (At Mingzhi Administration Center).
  2.  Urban Planning Division: Make, modify and review urban planning; manage and control land measurement works;issue certificates to testify whether the project violates urban development plans; issue certificates to waste not required road, and inspect the finished facilities according to urban development plans.
  3.  Landscape Division:
  1. Rural township recreation projects: process and manage budgets contributed by the Central Government; make, process and integrate recreation proposals; control founds expenses and project progress; inspect recreation sites and organize landscape planning consulting programs.
  2. Organize and initiate community recreation projects, include strategic community recreation plans ( Creative Spotlights and Tainan Golden Corner projects), and organize consulting teams.